Adeline | In Home Newborn Session

This winter has been packed with newborns.  All these beautiful babies coming through our doors… or in the case of Adeline, us going through hers to meet her.  We love doing in home newborn sessions, giving families a chance to relax in their own environment while I bring everything needed for a full newborn session.

Miss Adeline was so precious for her session, so calm and peaceful.  Her family owns a tea house, so we had to do a presentation photo for them of course, as well as using a beautiful floral crown made by a local florist!

Presenting Miss Adeline… loved beyond measure ❤


Acadia | Waterloo Region Newborn Photographer

When I arrived at their home, Miss Acadia was sound asleep in her Mommy’s arms.  She was calm, quiet and everything about her felt so peaceful.  As I prepped for the session, she enjoyed her snuggles.  I was secretly thinking that at any moment she would wake and cry, just as I was ready to begin the session… but she didn’t.  A peaceful transfer onto the newborn set and we were able to breeze through many of the photos.

It may have been one of the most calm newborn sessions I have captured.  She woke for a feeding, then settled back to sleep for her family photos (even when her four-legged best friend came in for a sniff)

Presenting, Acadia Rae


Thank you so much for having me in your home to capture these photos for you!


*** Note: Are you pregnant, expecting a child between December 2016 and March 2017?  We are now offering a free maternity mini session with the booking of a newborn session.  Contact us to reserve your due date now! **

Welcoming Lucas | Waterloo Region Baby Photographer

Over the years, we have met families at random events or activities in the community that go on to become regular clients, who we get to see grow and expand their families!  Welcome to the lives of one of those families ❤ They first met us last year at a public event where we were offering Easter photos… and their little guy did not want to sit still for his photo to be taken, but we made an impression on them with the patience we displayed as we captured some adorable shots of him!

flashback to little Logan:


fast forward a year, and we get the exciting email that they were about to welcome another little one into their lives, and wanted us along to capture the moments!  A maternity session, fresh 48 and a newborn session, we were thrilled to watch this precious family of 3 grow into a family of 4!

Starting with a maternity session at Doon Mills Ruins in Kitchener, we had a fun evening capturing Mama’s bump before the baby arrived.  The excitement and anticipation for this family, after everything they had gone through to have a baby, was absolutely palpable in the air!

The Fresh 48 session is great for families who want the excitement of a birth, without actually having me present for the birth itself.  I come to capture the excitement of new family members meeting the little one in the environment in which they were born.  My Lucas came right on his due date, which made for fantastic planning and timing! When I arrived, Logan was SO EXCITED to show me who had arrived in their family, and was very excited to have a new brother to share his love of hockey with.  Watching older siblings interact with the new baby is hands down one of the most heart warming experiences for me  (yes, even when it isn’t a happy response), the amount of emotion in these tiny little bodies is wondering to watch and experience.


9 days later, the family joined me in studio for a formal newborn session as well as family photos, updated with their new little man and a certain big boy who is turning 3!!!

Parker | Waterloo Region Newborn Photographer

The past few months have been the start of baby-palooza 2016!  There have been so many adorable babies in the Straight Thru Studio and in front of our camera.  When I arrived at Parker’s home, his mom and dad were excited to have some beautiful photos done!  The sun was shining (finally!) and we settled in for an in home newborn session.

The joy of an in home session is that we are able to capture baby, as well as use the home, the pets and the environment within which baby has spent most of their first few days!  Parker settled into a nice deep sleep for me, and we got to work!

Presenting… Parker!


Thank you for allowing us to capture these beautiful moments in your life!!


xoxo Christine

Birth Photography (HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY!) | Waterloo Region Birth Photographer

As parents, it’s so hard to believe when time flies by so quickly, you aren’t really sure where it went.  In photography, we often have the same experience.  Today was one of those moments… I (Christine) did my morning facebook peruse, and was greeted by my facebook “memories”, realizing that it has been one year since I captured my first birth as a professional birth photographer.

Many people ask about birth photography, and are either intrigued by the idea, or absolutely horrified.  When I first met this mom, she was very pregnant, and very adamant that she wanted a photographer there for her birth.  I was beyond excited to see that there is a need for a birth photographer in our community, and even more excited to learn her birth plan and hopes for her birth.  I started the process towards becoming a certified professional birth photographer, and this birth was the one that started the ball rolling.  One year later, here I am, still a certified birth photographer and LOVING it!  It’s not something I do often, but is something I hold dear to my heart.

If you or someone you know is looking for a Waterloo Region/Cambridge/Guelph Birth Photographer, please contact me as soon as possible.  I take very limited numbers of birth clients per year, and the dates fill up quickly!  Birth photography is incredibly beautiful- it is raw, it is emotional and it is real! 4 years after the birth of our daughter and our photos still bring tears to my eyes.  I only hope and pray that my images can do the same for the mamas and babies I capture 🙂


Straight Thru Films and Photography 519-213-0717
Straight Thru Films and Photography

xoxox Christine

Miss L | Waterloo Region Newborn Photographer

It is hard to believe that it has been three years since we met this adorable family.  It all began with a last minute phone call, wondering if we could fit their new baby girl in for a newborn session.  That first session was one of our most challenging, but also one of the most rewarding sessions we have had to date.  As we learned the story behind this beautiful family, we worked very hard to give mom and dad some beautiful photos of their new baby.  We had mom laying down with a blanket on top of her, to help the baby settle for her photos.  The poor baby girl had a lot going on, and hearing mom’s heartbeat was the one thing that was able to settle her for some photos.  It’s the beauty of newborn photography, finding the things that work for each baby, and finding ways to capture these beautiful photos for the family.

Since that time, I have learned a lot about newborn sessions, about this adorable family and about how to work with babies who don’t necessarily want their photos taken (haha).  Fast forward about 17 months, and I received the call that they had welcomed a new little man into their lives.  When they arrived in the studio, he was so calm and laid back for his session, and things went beautifully.  I still have a photo of him being held by his big sister as a display image in the studio.

Straight Thru Films and Photography 519-213-0717
Straight Thru Films and Photography

Over the summer, we received another email from mom, saying they would be welcoming a new baby girl into their family, and wondering if we could fit a session in at the last minute.  Looking at the calendar, I felt a twinge of panic… we were so busy, and had so much going on.  I talked to James, and we agreed that we would find a way to make it work for them, this family had snuck their way into our hearts, and we knew everything they had gone through to have their family, and we would make it happen for them!  This happens a lot for us- we work with families for so long, and see them through so many phases of their lives, that we feel like they are extensions of our own family- our Straight thru family!  This time we scheduled the session for me to go into their home, to give the older siblings a chance to run and play, while we focused on the newborn session.  Miss L looked so much like her big brother, and was so cute during her session.  After some snuggles, family photos and sibling photos, she settled into a nice sleep to be her own little star.

Presenting Miss L….

Straight Thru Films and Photography 519-213-0717
Straight Thru Films and Photography

This gorgeous Mama is also a blogger, and has some beautiful and heartfelt posts, if you want to see the story behind this beautiful family, you can find it on her website

Thank you again for having me capture all these moments in your growing family’s life!

xoxox Christine

Charlie | Waterloo Region Newborn Photographer

This family contacted me just a couple weeks before their due date, asking if I could come into their home for a newborn session.  Mom mentioned that they had some reclaimed wood floors and exposed brick, and was hoping to use some of these features in their newborn session.  To say I was excited was a bit of an understatement.  For those that don’t know me well, I am absolutely in love with all things natural and reclaimed, and was very excited to see them.

Arriving at their home, I became enthralled with their beautiful home and all the gorgeous details in it.  I brought my newborn setup for some photos, but did a majority of the session as a lifestyle session, using the details around their home, making the photos very personal to them.  This is such a fun and new style of newborn photography, and I am very excited at every opportunity I have to use this style.  Having a gorgeous, bright home to do it in… even better 🙂

Thank you so much for having me into your home to capture these photos of baby Charlie!

Straight Thru Films and Photography
Straight Thru Films and Photography

– Christine xoxox