Lyric | Waterloo Region Family Photographer

Working with families is so much fun, watching them grow, develop, expand… it’s a wonderful blessing to us!  Katie and Tom are one of those families that we have had the wonderful joy of watching and capturing over the years.

For over 4 years we have captured their most precious moments… from that first session in our unfinished basement studio, where Katie came in timid and shy, speaking about their struggles to become a family… through 3 newborn sessions, 3 cake smashes, a couple extended family sessions, a fashion blogging session and more, it has been a beautiful journey to capture. Katie is the beautiful Mama (inside and out) behind a wonderful place to check out for parenting, style, fashion and more!

Here we are 4 years later, capturing the first birthday of their youngest daughter Lyric… this family never ceases to amaze me, with the perfectly and beautifully styled wardrobe, to their three gorgeous children, it’s always wonderful to capture them.

Happy Birthday Lyric… you are a a perfect little addition to your family (and I promise that someday my camera won’t seem so scary!)

xoxo Christine


Dominic is ONE! | Waterloo Region Family Photographer

It’s hard to believe it has been one year since we first met this precious family!  Time flies so quickly sometimes, it’s hard to believe.

Dominic was feeling a little out of sorts for his session, but still managed to rock his session (as usual).  Do you remember this face?  This has remained one of my favourite photos EVER.. he just looks so calm and peaceful in his little bow tie.

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I am often asked if I think a baby looks the same or has changed a lot since their last sessions… in the case of Dominic, I feel that he looks EXACTLY the same.. the shape of his features, his amazing hair and cool boy personality.


Thank you for continuing to trust us to capture these moments in Dominic’s life.  If has been a pleasure watching him grow the past year!

xoxox Christine

Charlotte Digs In!! | Waterloo Region Cake Smash

Miss Charlotte was so timid when she arrived in studio, a petite little thing and incredibly precious!  It took her some time to realize that the cake was not a scary thing, and was so delicate when she ate, but was adorable doing so!

She literally looks like a doll 🙂

Raydin’s cake smash | Waterloo Region Photographer

Miss Raydin was SO stylish for her session, showing up with a little leather mini skirt and leopard print tights, I could have just squished her she looked so cute!  Once it was time to give her the cake, she was very cautious, and we wondered if maybe she wouldn’t dig in like we all thought… but we gave her some time!  Time is all that some babies need, before the go CRAZY digging into the cake, like Raydin did 🙂  Her face at the end of the session had us all HOWLING with laugher… I’m pretty sure it’s how we all would feel if we devoured an entire cake.



Mikaiah’s Cake Smash | Waterloo Region Photographer

Miss Mikaiah is always a blast to photograph- I always wonder how such a bold personality has been able to fit into such a little body, which makes for SO MUCH FUN!!

Her cake smash was no exception- she did not want to get dirty, but wanted to eat the cake… so it took mom and dad feeding her the cake for her to eat it, and it was adorable to watch her many expressions, capture the laughter and most importantly, capture her amazing personality at just 1 year old!

Happy Birthday Miss Mikaiah!!


Myles’ First Year | Waterloo Region Family Photographer

We first met Myles last year, when he was only 10 days old.  He had the brightest blue eyes, and an adorable newborn grin… things really haven’t changed for him over the past year.  He still has the brightest blue eyes, and the most adorable little grin, which makes capturing photos of him just precious!

Over the past year, we have seen him a few times, and thought it would be fun to create a recap of his first year, through the camera..


Happy Birthday Myles (yes we are a bit late on that!) !!  It’s been wonderful watching you grow up, from behind the camera!!


xoxoxo  Christine

Madelyn Turns One | Waterloo Region Cake Smash Photographer

Watching this sweet little lady growing over the past year has been a lot of fun!  For a little trip down memory lane, we first met Miss Madelyn when she was just 11 days old!


her big sister was SO excited to have a baby sister to love on and play with! Family001.jpg

Fast forward a few months, and Miss Madelyn came out to see us again, with her Mama, for a breastfeeding and baby wearing mini session.  Although she had grown so much, she still looked exactly the same!  She was still just as curious about the camera as she was at her newborn and family sessions!





and now… here she is again, a whole one year old!!  She was not feeling too well for her session, but still managed to rock it!

Happy Birthday Madelyn!



but when she was done… she was done 🙂


Thank you for trusting us to capture these beautiful memories over the past year.


– Christine xoxo