Lina | Waterloo Region Newborn Photographer

Time has gotten away with us over the past few months- meaning there are SO MANY amazing sessions that we have done, and simply have not had the time to put together posts of the adorable babies and families we have been working with!

Miss Lina is now 5 months old… CRAZY!!  Her session was back in January and she was an absolute dream to work with.  She had the best big brother in the world, who was so excited to snuggle her and show her off.

Presenting Miss Lina…


Elliott | Waterloo Region Newborn Photographer

Today we are featuring another family on the blog that we have watched grow and expand over the years, and were so excited to capture little Mr. Elliott’s addition to the family.  He was very curious in his session, and not entirely sure that he wanted to sleep and miss all the action, but his adorable little face made the session worth it!  Patience and all

presenting… Elliott

Welcoming Lincoln | Waterloo Region Maternity, Birth & Newborn Photographer

Working with a family through their entire pregnancy, through welcoming baby and newborn photos, is an unbelievable experience.  Add to this experience that this woman is your best friend and there are bound to be high emotions around the whole thing!  We have captured this family through ALL the highlights in their life, engagement, wedding, maternity, birth, newborn, first birthdays, second birthdays and on… going through this with baby number two added more excitement.

We first welcomed them into the studio for some maternity photos, a few short weeks before Lincoln made his grand appearance!


Then came the day that Lincoln decided to make his move!  It was a funny morning… first a text “hey, I’m seeing midwife this morning to try and get things moving” then shortly after “so I think maybe things are starting but I don’t really know, midwife will be here soon” I asked if I should be rescheduling my session I had scheduled for 11am, and got a “no don’t worry about it”

I planned to go ahead with the session, that was thankfully with a friend!  Then came the text… “5cm, but doing okay, come when you can” and only minutes later “Okay, I think you need to come”

as I frantically rescheduled my 11am session, grabbed my gear and headed over to Michelle’s house.  Things went very quickly, yet Michelle was joking and laughing between contractions.  Garrett worked really hard to get that tub filled and ready… but all for naught, Mr. Lincoln decided he wanted to come, and the water birth was not going to happen!  It was wonderful to capture the moment he arrived (in between being a friend, holding her hand and helping through contractions), and being able to see another little soul brought into the world!

Welcome to your life Lincoln!!


Only a week later, Mr. Lincoln joined me in studio for his newborn session!  Like his big sister, he did not want to sleep, but with a little bit of magic, we pulled it off!!

Thank you for having me capture all these amazing moments in Lincoln’s life ❤

xoxo Christine

Charlotte Digs In!! | Waterloo Region Cake Smash

Miss Charlotte was so timid when she arrived in studio, a petite little thing and incredibly precious!  It took her some time to realize that the cake was not a scary thing, and was so delicate when she ate, but was adorable doing so!

She literally looks like a doll 🙂

Aelan | Waterloo Region Newborn Photographer

Miss Aelan… what an adorable little lady!! The mop of hair, the little grins… I could just eat her up she was so adorable!!  I will let the pictures speak for themselves for this gorgeous little lady and her family!


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to photograph your beautiful family.

  • Christine xoxox

Myles’ First Year | Waterloo Region Family Photographer

We first met Myles last year, when he was only 10 days old.  He had the brightest blue eyes, and an adorable newborn grin… things really haven’t changed for him over the past year.  He still has the brightest blue eyes, and the most adorable little grin, which makes capturing photos of him just precious!

Over the past year, we have seen him a few times, and thought it would be fun to create a recap of his first year, through the camera..


Happy Birthday Myles (yes we are a bit late on that!) !!  It’s been wonderful watching you grow up, from behind the camera!!


xoxoxo  Christine

Eva | Waterloo Region Newborn Photographer

Working in this business, it’s so much fun to watch families grow and to see the relationships develop and change overtime.  This family was a big exception to that observation, because although we haven’t watched them grow as a family through our photography, the power of social media is such that we have been able to online.

Cintia and Mario went to our high school, and were one of those couples that were so adorable, dating throughout high school and carrying on into their adult years, getting married and starting a family.  It’s been so fun to see that growth over the years, from young high school sweethearts into a family of 4.  When Cintia contacted us about doing newborn photos when their newest addition was born, I was very excited!  I love newborn sessions, and I love working with people from my childhood and teenage years, and seeing where their lives have taken them.  Little Miss Eva made everyone wait, and took her time deciding to come meet everyone, but once she did, she had everyone wrapped around her little finger- Mommy, Daddy and especially her big brother Rui.

Thank you for trusting us to capture these moments in your life, it was such a pleasure working with her, and being able to catch up after all these years.

Presenting, Miss Eva… (secret tidbit- you can click on the photos to see them bigger!)


xoxo Christine