Christmas Mini Session Spaces! | Waterloo Region Family Photographer

shhhh… we have a little secret… we have just 5 spaces remaining for our Christmas studio mini sessions!! We are so excited for the photos, and all the wonderful families we have worked with so far!  This weekend closes off our studio mini sessions, where we can’t wait to capture some more beautiful photos!

follow the link to book one of these last sessions…


Sunday November 27th we are hosting our outdoor tree farm mini sessions!  Only 6 spaces remain for these exclusive, outdoor styled sessions!   Follow the booking link to get your space before they all sell out! Click here to get your Christmas mini spaces

See you soon!!

xoxo James & Christine


Santa’s Private Workshop | Waterloo Region Christmas Photographer

Hey everyone!!

We’ve been slaving away in Santa’s private workshop here at the studio, and after much work, hunting and searching for the perfect pieces… it is complete!!

Welcome to Santa’s Private Workshop!

There are still some spaces available to come have your photos done in our beautiful, custom built set! You can find available sessions at: or by emailing


we can’t wait to see everyone!!

xoxox James & Christine


Leonard Family | Waterloo Region Family Photographer

We have worked with a small portion of the Leonard family for quite a few years- capturing wedding videos, children’s photos and Christmas photos over the years.  When we were approached to do a large family session, we jumped at the idea.  We knew that it would make for a fun evening, while capturing some beautiful photos for Grandma and Grandpa.  Note to self: Hosting sessions during Tim Horton’s Smile Cookie campaign makes for some great cooperation and smiles!!

A huge thank you to the Orchard Home Farm in St George for allowing us to use your beautiful orchard for the photos!




And always a smile cookie to finish!!!



Thanks for spending the evening with us to capture some beautiful moments!

xoxo  James & Christine

Melyssa Maternity | Waterloo Region Maternity Photographer

In the year 2016, I have worked with the Parton family a couple of times… first for their wedding in March, where we got to know them really well (I mean, a photographer does spend HOURS with you on one of the most emotional days of your life, it’s hard not to get to know one another) and then recently, we met up to capture the beautiful baby bump that Melyssa is ROCKING right now!  Maternity sessions are so much more interesting where there’s a sibling involved- and although Little man E did not want to sit still for the session, we captured some beautiful memories of this time.

We are SO excited to hear the news about the newest addition, and to capture some newborn photos when s/he arrives (the anticipation is driving us crazy… boy or girl?)

Congratulations guys and thanks for having us along to capture this whirlwind, incredible year for you ❤

xoxo Christine

Zeycan & Afshin | Waterloo Region Wedding Photographer

Sometimes a wedding day doesn’t go exactly as planned, often the weather playing a big factor, different people involved and so many tiny little moments coming together into one important memory.  Zeycan and Afshin’s wedding may have been held on a rainy day, but the love in the air was palpable, real and easy to capture!  Rain and weather often reminds us that capturing weddings is about so much more than capturing pictures, it’s about preserving moments, looks, experiences and beauty on one of the most important days to a couple.  Zeycan and Afshin’s wedding gave us so many beautiful and authentic moments to capture that we walked away with thousands of photos to sort through, thousands of moments like these…

The look of a father as he prepares to give away his daughter


the look of a man as he sees his bride for the first time


and all the moments of love in between, coming together in the beauty of a wedding day!

Enjoy your sneak peek Zeycan & Afshin, wishing you a lifetime of looks like these and love for one another ❤


xoxo Christine & James

Andrew & Stephanie | Waterloo Region Wedding Photographer

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of capturing the wedding of two friends of ours, and we knew it was going to be a great time!  We first met Stephanie and Andrew back in high school, travelled to Cuba with them almost 10 years ago (MAN where did the time go?) and have seen their relationship change and grow over the years!

Steph and Andrew have been together for a LONG time… like a really long time, so it was fun to see them jump into the next stage of their life, and to be along to capture the fun!  With the ceremony and reception both being held out at Puslinch Lake, with the sunset backdrop on their ceremony, it was beautiful.

Thank you so much for having us along for the ride, enjoy your sneak peek!!


xoxox James & Christine

Straight Thru: Iceland (Jökulsarlon)

If you’ve been following along on our journey through Iceland, you are probably wondering why it’s taken so long to get part two out… the reality is that we took over 700 photos at Jökulsarlon, and narrowing them down to a reasonable amount for a blog post seemed like an impossible feat.  As planned, we will be breaking our photographic journey down into 6 posts:

  1. Driving the coast to Hali
  2. Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon boat tour and sunset
  3. Hiking Vatnajokull: Europe’s largest glacier
  4. Ice cubes on a black sand beach (& Random waterfalls)
  5. The Golden Circle Tour & Pingvellir National Park
  6. The Blue Lagoon

Jökulsarlon is a lagoon, located on the edge of Vatnajökull, Europe’s largest glacier, where pieces of the glacier break off and float down a river and out into the atlantic ocean, to be overtaken by waves and broken down.  Our first look at the lagoon:

jokulsarlon0001There are no words that can possibly describe how utterly beautiful this lagoon is.  A quick google search says that the lagoon is now 18 square kilometres- filled with floating pieces of the glacier in all shapes and sizes.  As the glacier recedes from the atlantic ocean, these pieces break off (at an alarming rate) and the sound echoing around the area is chilling. As a result of the receding glacier, the lagoon is constantly growing and changing.  We had pre-scheduled a zodiac boat tour of the lagoon with Glacier Lagoon tours, but due to the warmer weather, the entrance to the lagoon was blocked for the zodiac boats, making it unsafe for entry.  We were offered boarding onto an amphibian boat tour as an alternative, which we took.

On the amphibian, we were taken up close to the tongue of Vatnajajökull, past massive icebergs and glaciers.  Iceland is the only place in the world (so we were told) where you are able to see layers of ash layered into the ice- caused by the various volcanic eruptions throughout Iceland over thousands of years.

A large piece of glacier was lifted from the water, and we were all given an opportunity to hold it, take a photo or feel it up close.  It was explained to us that this ice is created by pressure, as opposed to by temperature, therefore making it incredibly strong and clear. It was broken into pieces and we got our first taste of pure glacier water… YUM!

We spent some time after the tour just walking around the area, taking in all the angles and sides of the lagoon that we could get to while trying desperately to capture images that could even begin to show the sheer size and beauty of the area, which seemed unlikely. We had to concede that there are simply some things a camera cannot capture.

After our boat tour, we went back to the hotel for a bite to eat, and returned for the sunset at the lagoon.  The hours we spent walking around the lagoon at sunset are forever ingrained in my memory.

The sounds of the ice cracking, the playful seals swimming among the ice with the vibrant colours of the sunset reflecting off the water, together painted a picture that will never leave our memory.


Our first Icelandic glacier sunset… nature’s beauty at it’s finest!



Christine xoxox