Melyssa Maternity | Waterloo Region Maternity Photographer

In the year 2016, I have worked with the Parton family a couple of times… first for their wedding in March, where we got to know them really well (I mean, a photographer does spend HOURS with you on one of the most emotional days of your life, it’s hard not to get to know one another) and then recently, we met up to capture the beautiful baby bump that Melyssa is ROCKING right now!  Maternity sessions are so much more interesting where there’s a sibling involved- and although Little man E did not want to sit still for the session, we captured some beautiful memories of this time.

We are SO excited to hear the news about the newest addition, and to capture some newborn photos when s/he arrives (the anticipation is driving us crazy… boy or girl?)

Congratulations guys and thanks for having us along to capture this whirlwind, incredible year for you ❤

xoxo Christine


Welcoming Lincoln | Waterloo Region Maternity, Birth & Newborn Photographer

Working with a family through their entire pregnancy, through welcoming baby and newborn photos, is an unbelievable experience.  Add to this experience that this woman is your best friend and there are bound to be high emotions around the whole thing!  We have captured this family through ALL the highlights in their life, engagement, wedding, maternity, birth, newborn, first birthdays, second birthdays and on… going through this with baby number two added more excitement.

We first welcomed them into the studio for some maternity photos, a few short weeks before Lincoln made his grand appearance!


Then came the day that Lincoln decided to make his move!  It was a funny morning… first a text “hey, I’m seeing midwife this morning to try and get things moving” then shortly after “so I think maybe things are starting but I don’t really know, midwife will be here soon” I asked if I should be rescheduling my session I had scheduled for 11am, and got a “no don’t worry about it”

I planned to go ahead with the session, that was thankfully with a friend!  Then came the text… “5cm, but doing okay, come when you can” and only minutes later “Okay, I think you need to come”

as I frantically rescheduled my 11am session, grabbed my gear and headed over to Michelle’s house.  Things went very quickly, yet Michelle was joking and laughing between contractions.  Garrett worked really hard to get that tub filled and ready… but all for naught, Mr. Lincoln decided he wanted to come, and the water birth was not going to happen!  It was wonderful to capture the moment he arrived (in between being a friend, holding her hand and helping through contractions), and being able to see another little soul brought into the world!

Welcome to your life Lincoln!!


Only a week later, Mr. Lincoln joined me in studio for his newborn session!  Like his big sister, he did not want to sleep, but with a little bit of magic, we pulled it off!!

Thank you for having me capture all these amazing moments in Lincoln’s life ❤

xoxo Christine

Dutra Family Addition | Waterloo Region Family Photographer

It has been over two years since we captured the Dutra family growing into a family of three, and now here we are capturing their growth into a family of four… with the addition of Miss Adelaide, they have now become the “million dollar family”

Starting with the maternity session at the end of February, we were introduced to the baby bump that would become the newest adorable family member.  Big Brother Marques was hilarious during the session (as always), but so adorable at the same time!


then after a speedy arrival, we were able to capture Miss Adelaide’s newborn photos when she was just 7 days old ❤



congratulations on your beautiful family, and thank you for continuing to trust us to capture it for you guys!!


xoxox James & Christine

Stephanie | Waterloo Region Maternity Session

We woke up this morning with a to-do list of things to catch up on, and things to accomplish so we can get through all our Christmas editing.  Before we can do that, it’s time to bring up a beautiful mama to be, who just so happened to email us this morning to let us know that her little man has arrived!  We can’t wait to meet him for his newborn session soon.

For their maternity session, we had picked an October date, booked the location (Steckle Heritage Homestead) and prayed for the best!  The days leading up to the session had a LOT of rain, and we were getting a bit nervous, as they would be driving from London, and rescheduling would be difficult!  That morning, the rain was coming down lightly, but the forecast was showing a break in the rain at the time of the session.  After texting back and forth, we decided to go for it, and bring umbrellas in case of rain!

When we arrived at Steckle, the rain slowed down and we got started.  Would you believe that the rain held off for the PERFECT length of time, and started up again just as we took the last photos.  The colours stood out incredibly as a result of the rain, and the setting at Steckle was absolutely beautiful for the photos.  We are very excited to go back soon for more sessions.

Thank you for having us capture your maternity photos, and we are really excited to meet your little man soon. 519-213-0717

Bump to Baby | Waterloo Region Maternity and Newborn Photographer

Bump to baby- such a crazy time in anyone’s life- watching the bump grow, wondering what the baby inside will be like when they are born?  With she be like her big sister? Will she be completely different? Who will she become?

There are so many questions that come up when you are pregnant, and for some, that second baby is not as often “documented” in photos (hey, no judgement, we know how crazy life gets!) When Abby found out she was expecting, she let us know that she was not going to miss out on maternity or newborn photos with this little one.  Big sister Sophia was SO excited to get her photos done (even though she hated getting photos taken for the first year of her life haha).  The maternity session was a dream, capturing some beautiful moments only weeks before miss Sierra decided to make her grand entrance 🙂

Sierra’s session was a lot of laughter, she was so much like her big sister was during her own newborn photos, and did not want to sleep for the session.  So much has changed in our newborn setup since Sophia was born that we were able to trick her into a sleep, even if only for a short period, we were able to capture plenty of beautiful photos.

Thank you Matt and Abby, for continuing to trust us to capture your memories, year after year!

presenting… Sierra!

Straight Thru Films and Photography 519-213-0717
Straight Thru Films and Photography

Amanda | Waterloo Region Maternity Photographer

We have worked with Amanda and Andy on a few occasions, dating back to their maternity session with Miss Zoe… it’s crazy how quickly time passes, and yet so much fun to get the call or email of “hey we are expecting another one”

We decided to head out for an evening maternity/family session, after having to reschedule due to a massive rain storm on our initial session date.  Amanda was getting a bit nervous, as it was raining a LOT, and maternity sessions can only be put off for so long before, well, you know, a baby arrives!!  Thankfully mother nature held out for us on our reschedule date, and we were blessed with a beautiful sky and sunset.  Miss Zoe didn’t want much to do with having her photos done, but, like with any toddler, some play, breaks and fun help the cause for beautiful photo!

Congratulations Amanda, Andy and Zoe, we can’t wait to hear about the little one’s arrival!

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Straight Thru Films and Photography

Klara & Oliver | Waterloo Region Maternity and Newborn Photographer

Hey everyone!! Sorry we have been a bit quiet around here, thing have been pretty chaotic, so all of our time has been dedicated to getting photos edited and galleries out to everyone, so the blog has a bit quiet!

Coming back to the blog, we decided to showcase a gorgeous Mama and Baby (okay dad, you’re pretty handsome too!)  We first heard from Klara when she was very close to her due date, having decided that she wanted some maternity photos before her little man arrived.  Right at her 39th week, we were blessed with a beautiful sunset for their photos… Mama looked so happy and was glowing, so the sunset was a perfect reflection!

It was only a couple weeks later that we met her little man (and I have joked that he was so cute that I need to start restricting cute babies, it makes my job so hard! lol)  I feel so lucky to be given the honour to capture these beautiful moments in your life.  Thank you for trusting me with your little guy.

Straight Thru Films and Photography 519-213-0717
Straight Thru Films and Photography
Straight Thru Films and Photography 519-213-0717
Straight Thru Films and Photography