Michelle & Derek | Waterloo Region Engagement and Wedding Photographer

Michelle and Derek have worked with us for a few years, through maternity photos, baby photos, events and holidays, we have captured them and their two adorable little boys!  When we received the call that they were getting married, and looking for an engagement session, we were so incredibly happy for them!    We planned a winter engagement session, as they are going away to a nice hot destination for their wedding, and wanted something different for the engagement session.

As many of you know, this winter in Waterloo region has been incredibly strange, with very little snow to speak of!  When we woke on the day of their engagement session, it was exciting, we took off to the Huron Natural Area in Kitchener and loved the result. often, photos can speak better than words …


congratulations!!!  Thank you for trusting us to capture all these memories for you over the years!

xoxox  James & Christine


Daniel & Ellen’s Engagement Session | Waterloo Region Wedding Photographer

What do you get when you encounter a short time frame for photos, a couple moving hours away, rainy weather and a booked engagement session?  Creativity!!

Knowing Daniel and Ellen, their hopes for something “different” in their engagement session, and a short time frame in which to accomplish the session before they were moving up to Ottawa (literally 2 days after the session!!), it was a lot of fun to come up with an indoor engagement session location.  Given that Daniel is a writer and Ellen works in politics, the library seemed like a great alternative to the snowy winter scene we had been hoping for.  Mother nature has a way of dictating things or changing plans, but this change in plans made for some incredible photos.  It is hard to believe that a small community library could be such a beautiful option.

Congratulations on your engagement, and we can’t wait to capture the wedding in May.  A huge thank you to the Hespeler Public Library for allowing us to use your beautiful library for the session!

Christine & James

Jay & Lisa Engagement Session | Waterloo Region Engagement and Wedding Photographer

Whenever we book a new couple for a wedding, we always talk about engagement photos.  It is one of those sessions that many people elect not to do, but one that we often encourage all our couples to do, if only for one reason: engagement sessions are such a fun way to get used to a couple, and for a couple to get used to being in front of the camera.  It gives us a chance to see how you interact with the camera, your discomforts or fears and especially your style.

Even though we have known both Jay and Lisa for a long time, it still doesn’t stop the funny awkwardness of being in front of a camera 🙂  Between the torrential rains that forced us to reschedule once, and almost twice, then the swarms of mosquitos that were out attacking poor Lisa in full force, they stuck it out for an awesome session!

There is absolutely no doubt in our mind that their Halloween wedding will be absolutely EPIC, and we can’t wait to capture those moments as well… but in the meantime… Jay and Lisa’s engagement preview

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xoxox James & Christine