Lucas | Waterloo Region Newborn Photographer

We see a lot of babies in studio… a lot!  But then there are some that come in like Mr. Lucas and his big sister, and they are so adorable that words can’t even do justice… so we will let the photos speak for themselves!


congratulations on your beautiful family, and thank you for trusting us to capture it! ❤

xoxo James & Christine


Raydin’s cake smash | Waterloo Region Photographer

Miss Raydin was SO stylish for her session, showing up with a little leather mini skirt and leopard print tights, I could have just squished her she looked so cute!  Once it was time to give her the cake, she was very cautious, and we wondered if maybe she wouldn’t dig in like we all thought… but we gave her some time!  Time is all that some babies need, before the go CRAZY digging into the cake, like Raydin did 🙂  Her face at the end of the session had us all HOWLING with laugher… I’m pretty sure it’s how we all would feel if we devoured an entire cake.



Dutra Family Addition | Waterloo Region Family Photographer

It has been over two years since we captured the Dutra family growing into a family of three, and now here we are capturing their growth into a family of four… with the addition of Miss Adelaide, they have now become the “million dollar family”

Starting with the maternity session at the end of February, we were introduced to the baby bump that would become the newest adorable family member.  Big Brother Marques was hilarious during the session (as always), but so adorable at the same time!


then after a speedy arrival, we were able to capture Miss Adelaide’s newborn photos when she was just 7 days old ❤



congratulations on your beautiful family, and thank you for continuing to trust us to capture it for you guys!!


xoxox James & Christine

Mikaiah’s Cake Smash | Waterloo Region Photographer

Miss Mikaiah is always a blast to photograph- I always wonder how such a bold personality has been able to fit into such a little body, which makes for SO MUCH FUN!!

Her cake smash was no exception- she did not want to get dirty, but wanted to eat the cake… so it took mom and dad feeding her the cake for her to eat it, and it was adorable to watch her many expressions, capture the laughter and most importantly, capture her amazing personality at just 1 year old!

Happy Birthday Miss Mikaiah!!