Braeden Biking | Waterloo Region Family Photographer

Do your kids have passions, something that is so THEM?  We LOVE to capture new moments, activities and unique photos.  There is always something so magical about being able to capture moments and photos that clearly define a child, especially when you have watched them grow up before your eyes, and begin to really explore and develop their passions.  Contact us to discuss an idea, we are always open to new things, and love to get creative behind the camera.

Braeden is Christine’s little brother- who, as you can tell, LOVES his bike!  As an elementary school grad gift, we decided to take him out and get some shots of him on his bike.  It was a hot morning, but the tracks were clear, the sky was blue, and the photos were turning out PERFECTLY!

Good luck in high school bud!! 519-213-0717

– James & Christine xoxoxo


Jacklyn & Eric | Waterloo Region Wedding Photographer

After the smoking hot engagement session of Jacklyn and Eric, we should have known that the wedding day would be just as hot- emotionally it was, but also physically- their wedding happened to fall on the HOTTEST day of the summer thus far.  It was a great day to celebrate and capture the love between these two!  The wedding ceremony was celebrated at the Backstage Capitol in Delhi, followed by photos at the Tobacco factory, the backstage capitol and out at Jacklyn’s great aunt’s beautiful lily farm.  It was clear that everyone had put a lot of work and energy into making this day absolutely beautiful.

But first… a peek into their engagement session 🙂 519-213-0717

followed by the beautiful wedding 519-213-0717

A wedding trailer sneak peek will be coming soon as well 🙂

Congratulations guys!!

– James & Christine xoxo

Olivia and Michael Wedding Trailer | Waterloo Region Wedding Videographer

Wedding videos are such a fun and amazing way to capture the happiness of your wedding day!  Many people question about getting a videographer for their special day, and although we are biased, we view it as such an important part of the day- things go by so quickly, that having a video allows you to go back and watch, to feel the moments again, see the emotion and enjoy every second of one of the biggest days of your life again.  As a couple, there are moments on our own wedding day that we weren’t even aware happened, until we went back to watch our video!

Olivia and Michael’s wedding has been up on the blog before, in photo.  We had the great pleasure of being there to capture photos and video for them.

Presenting, Olivia and Michael’s wedding video trailer 🙂

James & Christine xoxox

Classic Extended Family Portraits | Waterloo Region Family Photographer

We have worked with portions of this extended family for many years, capturing everything from small family and newborn to Grandparent photos, watching a few of the kids growing up before the camera.  When they contacted us about doing a classic generational family session, we were very excited!  Not only are they one of the sweetest families we have ever worked with, but they trust us and have fun with the sessions.

Capturing these moments to celebrate Great Grandma and Great Grandpa’s 65th anniversary was such a great honour for us.  It is always amazing to look at a large group, see the resemblances between family members, and to see the interactions and fun!  Getting all the little ones sitting for a photo together was comical (as they usually are), but the large group was surprisingly well done (Yay for awesome families!).

It’s not something we see often, but wish was more common!  Capturing the multigenerational shots is always such a beautiful moment, and we can’t wait to see which ones are printed on canvases for great grandma and grandpa to enjoy in their home 🙂  Thank you so much for trusting us to capture these moments for you 519-213-0717 Waterloo Region Family Photographer
Waterloo Region Family Photographer

– Christine & James xoxo

Jay & Lisa Engagement Session | Waterloo Region Engagement and Wedding Photographer

Whenever we book a new couple for a wedding, we always talk about engagement photos.  It is one of those sessions that many people elect not to do, but one that we often encourage all our couples to do, if only for one reason: engagement sessions are such a fun way to get used to a couple, and for a couple to get used to being in front of the camera.  It gives us a chance to see how you interact with the camera, your discomforts or fears and especially your style.

Even though we have known both Jay and Lisa for a long time, it still doesn’t stop the funny awkwardness of being in front of a camera 🙂  Between the torrential rains that forced us to reschedule once, and almost twice, then the swarms of mosquitos that were out attacking poor Lisa in full force, they stuck it out for an awesome session!

There is absolutely no doubt in our mind that their Halloween wedding will be absolutely EPIC, and we can’t wait to capture those moments as well… but in the meantime… Jay and Lisa’s engagement preview

Straight Thru Films and Photography 519-213-0717
Straight Thru Films and Photography

xoxox James & Christine

Gwen | Waterloo Region Newborn Photographer

Just the other day we made a post about the tiny baby girls we have been seeing here in the studio, and Miss Gwen fit right into that collection!!  Something about these little 5 pound baby girls is just making our hearts melt!

Gwen came into the studio with her big sister Olivia- their names were fun for us, as our daughter is named Olivia as well, and she says her best friend is our close friend’s little girl Gwen!

This little lady was asleep quickly, and slept like a dream throughout her session.  It appeared that she liked to be in the limelight though, as she woke up and only began to fuss a bit when we added her big sister and Mommy and Daddy into the photos as well, photos on her own, she was sound asleep and smiling away!

Congratulations guys on your sweet little lady, and thanks for bringing her into the studio for us to capture her tiny little details!

Straight Thru Films and Photography 519-213-0717
Straight Thru Films and Photography

xoxox James & Christine

Newborn Photography Sessions Now Booking!

2015 seems to be the year of the baby here at Straight Thru Films and Photography! It’s never too early to book your newborn session with us, send us a message to book yours now!

Straight Thru Films & Photography

Are you or someone you know expecting a new bundle of joy?  It’s never too early to reserve your newborn due date.  Here at Straight Thru, we do not book the actual session date until the baby has made their grand entrance, so that we are able to capture this phase in their life within the optimal 5-14 days of life. We only take a limited number of newborn sessions per month, so contact us now to reserve your due date!

We currently have 2 September spaces and only 1 October space remaining, as well as some November and December dates available.

We also offer maternity and Birth photography services, to capture this amazing time in your life!  Check out our website for more information about packages and pricing, and contact us now to book your newborn memories!


Kaia- In Home Newborn Photographer Kitchener-Waterloo

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