Violet | Waterloo Region Photographer

As many of you know, we are a husband and wife photography team, made up of James and Christine Keachie.  We have one amazing little girl, who will be turning 4 in August (many of our clients see her around while we are doing photos in studio, or in photos on the blog, Facebook and our website).  Anyone who has come to us to have baby photos done, knows that newborn and baby photos is my specialty (James is often around, but isn’t as comfortable with all the handling of babies!)

Looking back over our time as parents, one of our FAVOURITE stages was the ‘sitting stage’- that age when a little one is sitting up confidently, and is so happy to see and experience the world from a new perspective.  Everyone thinks of having photos done as a newborn, and again when baby is 1 year old, but many miss the incredible sitting stage, and the amazing, smiley happy photos that can accompany this adorable time.

Miss Violet came into the studio as a model for some new props, clothing and accessories that I had been working on, as well as some pieces that my incredibly talented Mom had made for us as well (you can see some of her great work here.)

Without further adieu- check out this smiley little lady!  You may recognize her as one of the births we captured last fall 😉

V V3V2  V4 V5 V6

adorable, right???


Tiny Zoey | Waterloo Region Newborn Photographer

This year has brought so many newborn babies into the studio, and it has been fantastic!  The different shapes, sizes and personalities have been so much fun to capture!  Miss Zoey was small but feisty, and was so much fun to photograph- she tried to stay awake for the session, but eventually gave in to the snuggly warm environment and fell asleep 🙂

and out of this gorgeous Mama’s little bump came this tiny little lady… meet little Zoey, weighing it at just over 5 pounds!!  |  |

Mellow Matthew- Waterloo Region Newborn Photographer

When we heard from this family that they were expecting their third baby, and wanted us to capture the newborn photos, we were really excited.  Having worked with them for a few different mini sessions, we always have a great time capturing the incredible personalities of their little ones, and knew without a doubt that their new addition would shine too.  There are always plenty of laughs with this family, and the newborn session was no exception, with all of us in stitches during the family photos.

Matthew however was incredibly calm and mellow, as his big brother and sister ran circles around him (literally).  We always strive to capture a perfect family photo, and work hard to do so (Christine was literally sweating by the end of the session), but sometimes even when we capture the picture perfect family photo- it’s the outtakes of the two older siblings running around mom and dad that capture our hearts the most.
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Congratulations on your newest addition, we can’t wait to see how he fits in with his incredible big brother and sister as he grows up!