Maybel’s Outdoor Newborn Session | Waterloo Region Newborn Photographer


We absolutely adore doing different things, capturing photos in a fun way, enticing children to give us real smiles by being goofy… whatever it takes!  When we received the phone call from Maybel’s mom, saying that they were looking for someone who was willing to do a newborn session outdoors, we jumped at the idea.  We knew it would take some planning to be sure that baby was protected from the hot sun, but were really excited to get into the sun and capture things a little differently!

It was no surprise, given her mom and dad’s love of the outdoors, that Maybel was so calm and peaceful when we brought her outside, as though she knows this is where she will spend much of her life (if her Dad has anything to say about it)

Meet Maybel…


enjoy the outdoors!!

xoxo Christine


Welcoming Lucas | Waterloo Region Baby Photographer

Over the years, we have met families at random events or activities in the community that go on to become regular clients, who we get to see grow and expand their families!  Welcome to the lives of one of those families❤ They first met us last year at a public event where we were offering Easter photos… and their little guy did not want to sit still for his photo to be taken, but we made an impression on them with the patience we displayed as we captured some adorable shots of him!

flashback to little Logan:


fast forward a year, and we get the exciting email that they were about to welcome another little one into their lives, and wanted us along to capture the moments!  A maternity session, fresh 48 and a newborn session, we were thrilled to watch this precious family of 3 grow into a family of 4!

Starting with a maternity session at Doon Mills Ruins in Kitchener, we had a fun evening capturing Mama’s bump before the baby arrived.  The excitement and anticipation for this family, after everything they had gone through to have a baby, was absolutely palpable in the air!

The Fresh 48 session is great for families who want the excitement of a birth, without actually having me present for the birth itself.  I come to capture the excitement of new family members meeting the little one in the environment in which they were born.  My Lucas came right on his due date, which made for fantastic planning and timing! When I arrived, Logan was SO EXCITED to show me who had arrived in their family, and was very excited to have a new brother to share his love of hockey with.  Watching older siblings interact with the new baby is hands down one of the most heart warming experiences for me  (yes, even when it isn’t a happy response), the amount of emotion in these tiny little bodies is wondering to watch and experience.


9 days later, the family joined me in studio for a formal newborn session as well as family photos, updated with their new little man and a certain big boy who is turning 3!!!

Correia Family | Waterloo Region Family Photographer

It has been almost 2 years since this adorable couple tied the knot, and had us capture their amazing wedding day!  Crystal&ValBW_310

We were very excited to hear the news that they were expecting their first baby, and were booked and ready for newborn photos… but sometimes, as we all know, things don’t always go exactly as planned, and life gets very crazy after a baby joins our lives.  It was 5 months later that we heard from them again, asking us to capture some family photos now that Mathis was bigger and life had settled down a bit… we were ecstatic.


This little man is adorable, there’s no two ways about it!  Those eyes… I think I mentioned how envious I was about his eyelashes about 5000 times during our session!


Congratulations on your growing family Crystal and Val, and thank you for having us along to capture the ride!  <3

Cole | Waterloo Region Newborn Photographer

It’s been a busy couple of months here at the studio, and we have so many adorable babies, families and children to show you!  It’s been a while since we’ve had anyone up on the blog, so starting with the adorable Mr. Cole seemed like a great idea.

Cole was so tiny and precious, sleeping like a dream for his session (once he decided that sleep was a good idea), but when he was awake, it was incredible.  I’ve never had the privilege of photographing such a calm, alert and attentive newborn- he followed the camera wherever I went, and seemed to be peering straight into the lens!

Grandma and Grandpa came later in the session to bring Cole’s big sister, and she was just as adorable as Cole, hamming it up for the camera!  It became an entertaining studio, with a giggling toddler, content baby and my own cat decided to come join the show and try to steal the hearts of grandma and grandpa😉

Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your adorable little family.

Welcoming Lincoln | Waterloo Region Maternity, Birth & Newborn Photographer

Working with a family through their entire pregnancy, through welcoming baby and newborn photos, is an unbelievable experience.  Add to this experience that this woman is your best friend and there are bound to be high emotions around the whole thing!  We have captured this family through ALL the highlights in their life, engagement, wedding, maternity, birth, newborn, first birthdays, second birthdays and on… going through this with baby number two added more excitement.

We first welcomed them into the studio for some maternity photos, a few short weeks before Lincoln made his grand appearance!


Then came the day that Lincoln decided to make his move!  It was a funny morning… first a text “hey, I’m seeing midwife this morning to try and get things moving” then shortly after “so I think maybe things are starting but I don’t really know, midwife will be here soon” I asked if I should be rescheduling my session I had scheduled for 11am, and got a “no don’t worry about it”

I planned to go ahead with the session, that was thankfully with a friend!  Then came the text… “5cm, but doing okay, come when you can” and only minutes later “Okay, I think you need to come”

as I frantically rescheduled my 11am session, grabbed my gear and headed over to Michelle’s house.  Things went very quickly, yet Michelle was joking and laughing between contractions.  Garrett worked really hard to get that tub filled and ready… but all for naught, Mr. Lincoln decided he wanted to come, and the water birth was not going to happen!  It was wonderful to capture the moment he arrived (in between being a friend, holding her hand and helping through contractions), and being able to see another little soul brought into the world!

Welcome to your life Lincoln!!


Only a week later, Mr. Lincoln joined me in studio for his newborn session!  Like his big sister, he did not want to sleep, but with a little bit of magic, we pulled it off!!

Thank you for having me capture all these amazing moments in Lincoln’s life❤

xoxo Christine

Charlotte Digs In!! | Waterloo Region Cake Smash

Miss Charlotte was so timid when she arrived in studio, a petite little thing and incredibly precious!  It took her some time to realize that the cake was not a scary thing, and was so delicate when she ate, but was adorable doing so!

She literally looks like a doll🙂

Lucas | Waterloo Region Newborn Photographer

We see a lot of babies in studio… a lot!  But then there are some that come in like Mr. Lucas and his big sister, and they are so adorable that words can’t even do justice… so we will let the photos speak for themselves!


congratulations on your beautiful family, and thank you for trusting us to capture it!❤

xoxo James & Christine